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Taste of the West Gold Award 2013
Taste of the West Silver Award 2013
Taste of the West Silver 2012
Great Taste Awards
Soil Association 2010
SA Natural and Organic Awards 2010
Taste west award 2009 bronze
Organic food awards Winner 2009
Organic food awards Commended 2009
Great taste gold 2009
Taste west award 2008 silver
Taste west award 2008 bronze
Taste west award 2007 gold
Taste west award 2007 silver
Taste west award 2007 bronze
Organic Industry Award 2006
Organic food awards Gold 2006
Organic food awards Wiiner
Organic food awards Commended 2004
Organic food awards Wiiner 2001
Soil association organic standard
We are an award winning organic butcher and Food and Drink Devon member

Organic Beef

"Apart from looking beautiful, the beef also cooked magnificently, maintaining its moisture, texture & above all taste. All in all a moment of carnivorous elegance. "

We believe there are several key elements in producing the best beef.

The first is sourcing grass fed cattle from certified organic farms. We choose breeds such as Aberdeen Angus, Longhorn and South Devon renowned for their perfect covering of fat and beautiful marbling. Next we hang the meat on the bone for 3 weeks which matures the meat adding to flavour and increasing tenderness. Using time-honoured artisan methods, the meat is then butchered entirely by hand.

37 Items found
Beef Mince

Made from prime lean cuts, our mince is the essential ingredient for so many dishes: burgers, cottage pie, lasagne, spaghetti bolognese... the list...

Beef Chuck Steak

From the shoulder, this boneless cut makes wonderful pies, pasties, casseroles and stews. This product is available in two pack sizes regular and...

£5.90 - £8.85
Beef Diced

Chuck steak, cut from the shoulder and diced, this lean meat is perfect for pies, pasties and casseroles. This product is available in 500g packs..

£5.25 - £6.99
Beef Rump Steak

A juicy, succulent boneless steak, cut from the rump. Grill, fry, stir-fry or roast it. Our organic English mustard is the classic accompaniment....

Beef Ribeye Steak

Cut and trimmed from the boneless rib joint, this is a large, well-marbled steak. Fried, grilled or roast, it's always satisfyingly tasty.


£11.99 - £15.49
Beef Sirloin Steak

A tender, tasty steak, cut from the loin - this is the knight of the dining table. Simply grill or fry it or pop it on the barbecue. 

Each pack...

£11.99 - £17.20
Beef Feather Steak

A bit of a hidden gem: taken from the shoulder this steak’s generous seam of fat gives it superb flavour. It’s also really versatile in the kitchen -...

Beef Braising Steak

A boneless cut from the shoulder or top rump – full of flavour when cooked slowly in stews or casseroles. 

Bavette Steak (Flank Steak)

Essentially a cut from the rump end of the skirt which has a loose fibre. A popular cut for Asian, Mexican and Chinese dishes. Delicious flash fried...

Beef Topside Joint

A lean, boneless cut from the top rear section of the animal, this is a classic roasting joint.

With a decent covering of fat, it's ideal for...

£13.20 - £33.00
Beef Fillet Steak

This is the ultimate indulgent cut. Taken from under the sirloin, grill or fry it – or slice it super-thin for a beef carpaccio.

This product...

£12.50 - £25.00
Beef Fillet Tail End

Without doubt the most cost-effective way to enjoy the most tender beef cut available, this is the tapered end of the fillet and is perfect for...

Beef Minute Steaks

Thinly cut from the top rump, this is the perfect steak for sandwiches and barbecues. As the name suggests, you just fry or grill it 30 seconds each...

Tomahawk Steak (Cote de Boeuf)

The King of Steaks, and a finalist in the 2014 Soil Association Organic Awards, this single 650g bone-in Rib Eye steak is not for the faint of heart....

Beef Skirt

From the hind flank, this is the traditional cut for Cornish pasties. Flash fried it makes a great steak and it also works well in pies and...

Beef Brisket Joint

A boneless joint from the shoulder, off the breast. Slow roast or pot-roast it. This product is available three sizes. However we can cut to specific...

£16.00 - £32.00
Beef Brisket Joint, Flat

A boneless flat joint from the shoulder, off the breast. Slow roast or BBQ. This item is sold in 1kg, 2kg, packs.

£12.00 - £24.00
Beef Silverside Joint

From the top rear section of the animal, this boneless joint is made for slow roasting or pot-roasting. Or you can cure it to make your own salt beef....

£13.20 - £26.40
Beef Shin

Cut from the hind leg, and diced ready for slow cooking in stews, casseroles and curries. This product is available in two pack sizes regular and...

£5.90 - £8.85
Beef Burgers (packs of 4 or 6)

Our gourmet Beef Burgers are made from prime ground beef with just the right amount of seasoning. Perfect for the barbecue, they are a fantastic...

£5.59 - £7.99
Beef Short Rib

American favourite for slow cooking. Now popular here for braising, slow roasting and BBQ.

Jacobs Ladder

Perfect American BBQ cut best suited to a slow and low cook. Also delicious braised in the oven.

Beef Fore Rib Joint

The king of Sunday roasting joints and one of our flagship products: delicious, succulent and excellent value.

This product is available in three...

£24.00 - £72.00
Beef Fore Rib Joint, Boned & Rolled

Easier to carve than the bone-in fore rib joint - but with beautifully marbled flesh, it’s equally juicy and full of flavour.
Match with our Organic...

£24.99 - £73.99
Beef Sirloin Joint

A lean, tender and tasty roasting joint, cut from the loin. You can order it on the bone for maximum succulence, or boneless for easier carving. This...

£26.50 - £88.49
Beef Sirloin Joint, Boned & Rolled

A lean, tender and tasty roasting joint, cut from the loin. You can order it on the bone for maximum succulence, or boneless for easier carving. This...

£34.49 - £103.49
Ox Cheeks

Low fat classic cut perfect for slow cooking and braising.

Comes in a pack of 1, ave. weight 500g.

Beef Strips

Cut from our dry aged beef, and sliced into strips, ready for the wok or frying pan. This product is available in two pack sizes regular and large.

£6.74 - £8.99
Beef OxTail

A traditional cut that's full of flavour. Braise it very, very slowly, and the meat just falls off the bone. This product is available in 500g packs.

Ox Tongue

Full of flavour and goodness, slow boil or cure. Minimum 1kg.

Ox Liver

Clean, lean, organic, Ox liver. Full flavoured, simply dust with seasoned flour and pan fry.

Ox Heart

Much overlooked but extremely tasty piece of beef, slow cooked it's very tender. Once tried you'll go out of your way to try it again.

Beef Stock Bones

Rib bones for making a rich beef stock. Boil them up with vegetables, and you have the perfect base for gravies, stews and soups. 

Beef Pastrami

Cooked brisket or silverside of beef; delicious with a skim of Organic English Mustard in sandwiches or with a salad.

Organic beef...

Pet Mince

A mix of meats and offal for your favourite pet to enjoy.
1kg packs.

Organic Beef Fat

A mix of cod and other fats from the beef carcass, minced ready for use as dripping or cooking fat. Great for roast potatoes, adding flavour to pies...

Gift Vouchers

Treat a loved one with the gift of award-winning organic meat.

Available in a range of values, our vouchers are the perfect treat for the...

£20.00 - £100.00