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You’re always welcome to call us with questions, but we’ve tried to answer the most popular ones below…

Is your meat grass fed?

Yes. Our organic status means that our ruminant (grass-eating) animals (beef, lamb, mutton and venison) are guaranteed to be fed predominantly on grass, or forage. During the warmer months when the grass grows well, they will graze fresh grass in the fields. If it’s a very dry summer, or during the winter, when the grass isn’t growing, the fresh pasture will be topped up with silage or haylage (grass that has been cut from the fields in good months and stored for this purpose).

Of course, animal health and welfare comes first so if the weather is particularly poor and they wouldn’t get their nutrients any other way, our farmers might supplement the forage with a bit of organic cereal-based feed. But this is the exception.

Chickens and pigs don’t get enough energy from grass so they have to be have organic feed. But this has been approved by the Soil Association and never contains artificial chemicals or drugs.

Is there a deadline for placing my order?

All our meat arrives fresh (not frozen) and one of our core beliefs is to butcher nose-to-tail strictly to order so nothing is wasted. We have beef and lamb hanging, but pork and chicken is ordered especially to cater for the number of orders we receive.

To allow for this and to give our artisan butchers the time that they need to create the perfect cuts, we do therefore operate certain deadlines for same-week delivery, as follows:

  • Order by Monday at 12pm to receive your delivery on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
  • Order by Tuesday at 12pm for delivery on Thursday or Friday
  • Order by Wednesday at 12pm for Friday delivery

Don’t worry if you don’t want your order delivered straight away, you can also order up to 8 weeks in advance.

For customers with a repeat order, the deadline for any changes to your order is the Friday before delivery at 12pm.

However, we usually have some stock in the freezer that you could have sooner – just give us a ring on 01364 643 087 and we’ll always help if we can.

Do I have to be in when you deliver?

No, and most of our customers aren’t. We deliver in insulated boxes, packed with gel ice, which are guaranteed to stay cool for 36 hours.

At checkout you can specify a safe place on your property for our driver to leave your order, or some customers have it delivered to a neighbour or concierge.

Can you guarantee a delivery slot?

We use a third party courier who delivers between 8am and 6pm. At the moment, they’re not able to guarantee a slot within that window. This is something we’re working on with them, but our packaging is designed to ensure that your order stays cool until you get home.

Why do you use polystyrene boxes?

Because they do an important job. First and foremost, we want your meat to arrive fresh and safe. We appreciate they aren’t perfect and have spent a long time researching the alternatives to polystyrene which are all either massively more expensive or no more environmentally friendly (even some of the cardboard options, which all have to be insulated somehow).

Rest assured, we’re still working on it – but in the meantime we believe it’s what’s inside the box that counts.

Oh, and the poly boxes have a huge variety of possible uses and can be also returned to us – just ask us for a returns label.

Will my meat arrive fresh or frozen?

Fresh. Unlike some other companies, we know that you prefer to receive your meat fresh so you can decide for yourself whether it goes in the fridge or the freezer. Very occasionally, if we have low stock of something, we might supplement with something from the freezer. However, this is the exception rather than the rule and you can set the preferences in your account so you never receive anything frozen…ever.

Do you sell to trade?

We are fully SALSA approved and already work with one or two select independent retailers who share our beliefs and values. We are also a Soil Association approved Food For Life Catering Supplier. So if you're a retailer or food service business who'd be interested in stocking Well Hung Meat, do get in touch. 

Do you send abroad?

We aren’t able to send our meat outside the United Kingdom. However, we do cover the whole country and have some happy customers on the Isle of Man and in Northern Ireland.

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