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Soil Association 2010
SA Natural and Organic Awards 2010
Taste west award 2009 bronze
Organic food awards Winner 2009
Organic food awards Commended 2009
Great taste gold 2009
Taste west award 2008 silver
Taste west award 2008 bronze
Taste west award 2007 gold
Taste west award 2007 silver
Taste west award 2007 bronze
Organic Industry Award 2006
Organic food awards Gold 2006
Organic food awards Wiiner
Organic food awards Commended 2004
Organic food awards Wiiner 2001
Soil association organic standard
We are an award winning organic butcher and Food and Drink Devon member

Our customers give their feedback

We love hearing from you!

We use your feedback as a way of improving our service to you. Please do get in touch to let us know when we are doing well...or not so well. You can email us at 

Here are some of the things our customers have said:

"We have just eaten the most delicious and melt in the mouth Rib eye steaks from The Well Hung Meat Company. The box content looked good too... Can't wait to tuck in over the next four weeks (the cat is happy too because she gets a pack of pet mince). Thanks to the chap at the Exeter Food Festival who helped towards us receiving an awesome seasonal cuts plus other bits box!"
Deborah Gidman-Roach, May 2014     

"I would urge anyone considering the Well Hung Meat Company to give it a try.  The quality of the meat and produce is excellent and the service second to none.  I was initially concerned that I would not be able to commit to such a regular delivery of meat, but their service is so flexible that you really can arrange for a delivery of what you want when you want it, rather than be fixed to a regular fortnightly delivery.  This makes the whole option of having quality meat far more accessible and affordable for me."
Melanie Lewis, Oct 2013     

"Hi Guys, 
We saw you at the Good Food Show last week
and ordered our first foodies favourite box to come in
a couple of weeks from now.
However you gave us a couple of Steaks to try whilst
we wait, tonight I cooked them.
They were some of the best I have ever eaten,
in fact, I can only think of a couple I have ever had
that were that good. Anyway thrilled we joined the herd
and looking forward to our first proper box. "
Simon Hart, April 2013

"All meat is the best quality I have tasted.
Tonight just made spag bol with mince, best ever!!!!
Chicken has the best flavour I have ever had and loads
of meat, enough for four plus leftovers for sarnies.
Will definitely recommend you."
Carolyne Grainger, April 2013

"We are very pleased with the quality of your products and will be back for more"

Joy Bull, March 2013

"We had the steaks last night and they were delicious"

Sarah Bond, March 2013

The meat, tastes simply sublime, it is well packaged and arrives in absolute prime condition. 

Simon O'Leary, 2012

I am a new customer and I am loving your products. The Gammon was delicious quite unlike the salt laden slices you get in the supermarket. Your beef is superb, deep red just as a well hung piece of meat should be.

Trudy Bramall, 2012

With the Well Hung Meat Company I am given choice in what I order and no constraining commitment to order so I get what I want when I want it.

Ian Keasey, 2012

"I made the last order of diced mutton into a curry which was really fantastic, the stronger flavour and lower fat content (than lamb) suited the recipe very well. I will be ordering plenty more mutton in future. I also regularly enjoy your chicken breast fillets, the juicy flavoursome meat is great simply pan fried without any additional fat and hardly needs seasoning."

Megan Leedham, October 2012

"With the Well Hung Meat Company I am given choice in what I order and no constraining commitment to order so I get what I want when I want it.The support given by the staff is great and makes orderingso easy. The seasonal cuts offered mean that I get to try cuts of meat I wouldnot normally choose resulting in some fabulous finds. As a result of being a regular customer I am absolutelyinspired to be a better cook."

Ian Keasey, September 2012

"The meat, tastes simply sublime, it is well packaged and arrives in absolute prime condition. The website is informative and intuitive, but what sets the WHM company apart, is the flexibility of ordering, the lack of binding commitments but most of all the pleasant and knowledgeable staff who are an absolute delight to deal with."

Simon O'Leary, July 2012

"I am a new customer and I am loving your products. The Gammon was delicious quite unlike the salt laden slices you get in the supermarket. Your beef is superb, deep red just as a well hung piece of meat should be. So tasty it didn't need any fancy sauces. I have already recommended a friend."

Trudy Bramall, July 2012

"We have enjoyed our first taste of your meat - pork and almonds done in the slow cooker for 5 hours mmmm - absolutely delicious and amazing flavour"

Ian and Jane Smith, June 2012

“I just wanted to say thanks!

We had lamb chops from our Well Hung Meat Co meat box last night and they were amazing. Incredible quality meat, incredibly tender and fantastically tasty, without any sauces or marinades. I am constantly recommending you guys because I’m never disappointed with the quality of your produce.

Looking forward to more meat boxes!”

Simon Burgess, June 2012

"The fillet steak was delicious.  Absolutely brilliant.  So flavourful - it was immediately obvious that it had been well hung, and brilliantly tender and moist.  I am looking forward to getting some more of that in a future meat box."
Chris Wall, May 2012

"Just a note to say how delighted I am with the meat box that arrived yesterday. Very impressed with the meat and the keep cold packaging etc.  Looking forward to our sunday lunch tomorrow!"
Kate Stilborn, September 2010

"I was impressed with the packaging, the ice bags were still solid at 2pm. The pork was sweet and succulent and very husband says he hasnt tasted pork like it since his grandad sold his farm, so thats one hell of a compliment from him. Thank you so very much."
Carol and Gary Darlington, September 2010

"I just wanted to thank you for my recent meatbox. We ate the Pork joint yesterday and it was the best yet - crackling was superb and that ceratinly wasn't down to my cooking!"
Jenny Thomas, September 2010

"We are really enjoying the "new look" meat box - keep up the good work!"
Barbara Duffield, September 2010

"I order a monthly box, and just love the meat!!! Last month's box had the most fantastic lamb loin chops and whole chicken.  Just delicious! Thank you all for a great product, and for the excitement each month of opening my meat box!"
Maralyn Christie, September 2010

"I must say that it is fantastic! My husband is really enjoying the meat and I love the recipe suggestions… they are going down a storm! Thank you!"
Anna Preece, September 2010

"I just wanted to say how much we are enjoying the new Small Family Box. The selection of meat is incredible with some lovely cuts."
Ian Keasey, August 2010

Happy testimonial

"The shoulder of lamb was just stunning. I kept it whole and barbecued it and it was absolutely melt in the mouth and a wonderful flavour. The lamb steak also was...tender and delicious. In fact everything that you have supplied has been tender and a great flavour"
Graham Shaul, August 2010

"We continue to be so satisfied with the meat and the quality of your service. My husband continues to thrive on your excellence!  As a vegetarian, this is the only meat I will cook!"
Mary Pennell, July 2010

“The produce we have received from you really has been first-rate.  Eating your meat really has been the most wonderful indulgence and one I hope to repeat aplenty.”
Kiernan O'Shea, July 2010

“We had the lamb steaks last night and they rocked.  Really good.”
Gareth Beck, May 2010

“All I can say is all the meat is superb.  I fried a rump steak  in haste Saturday night and did not give it as much attention is I usual do or should and it still tasted tender and fantastic.  My friends often commend me on my meals...a vital secret is most definitely the quality of the produce. That's something I need to thank you guys for..”
Ruth Noah, March 2010

“Wow! Despite the fact I cooked them slightly more than I would normally like, the meat remained astonishingly tender and yielding, which is a quality I had almost forgotten about in meat. Absolutely superb, looking forward to the rest.”
Belinda Thomas, March 2010

“The meat was delicious, tender and flavoursome without being too high a flavour... there was a lovely depth to it. The service has been superb and the product has now matched that service. Once again thank you very much, it is a pleasure to deal with a company that really cares.”
Alec Chick, March 2010

“Just to say the delivery of veal sirloin steaks arrived on Friday. They were absolutely gorgeous, so tender - spoilt now and couldn’t even contemplate any other veal. Valentines meal to remember, my (new) husband said.”
Julia Woolard, Feb 2010

“The meat in the last box I ordered was some of the best I’ve ever tasted.”
Mike Barron, Feb 2010

“We had the rump steak for dinner tonight - absolutely delicious!”
Alicia Fourie, Feb 2010

“A belated big thank-you for again supplying a superb Christmas dinner. And I feel relieved to know the poor turkey at least had a good life with you! Thanks a lot.”
Sheila Gooderham, Jan 2010

Happy testimonial

“Many thanks for your part in a fantastic Christmas feast, many thought it the best turkey and trimmings they had ever tasted!”
 Graham Muir

“I just wanted to thank you guys so much for our first box of Well Hung Meat, delivered just before Christmas. The meat was absolutely amazing! I can’t thank you enough, our Christmas dinner was superb, we had your duck, followed by lamb roast on Boxing Day.”
Samantha Burgess (an Aussie who loves her meat)

“Many thanks for the (I am assured by my carnivore husband and son) beautiful turkey we received on 23rd of Dec. The driver battled his way through snow to deliver it.”
Pat Sim

“Many thanks for the superb customer service we received to ensure our Turkey arrived in time for Christmas. I must admit I was getting a bit worried but your professional caring efficiency ensured we had our Turkey on Christmas Day. And, just for the record, it was the best ever Turkey - it tasted just like I remember Turkey tasting from my Childhood Christmases 40 years ago!”
Debbie and Colin Holland, December 2009

“The mutton shoulder we ordered from you was by far the tastiest ‘lamb’ we have ever had. We slow roasted it for 4 hours and it melted on the fork! Delicious. Have never tried mutton before but will def be back for more.”
Simon Towler, November 2009

Happy testimonial

“We have so enjoyed the experience of buying from yourselves, from the quality of the meat through to the enjoyment of recipe planning that our excitement starts with unpacking the box!”
Nikki Savvas, October 2009

“The best steak I have ever tasted... absolutely melted in my mouth!”
Angela Croudace, October 2009

“...the box this month was perfect!! Had a lovely beef in red wine at weekend using your stewing beef - DELICIOUS. My niece (aged 12) had seconds and she doesn’t normally like meat! Just had to compliment you!”
Michelle Kelly, October 2009

“...thank you, we had the most amazing meat to eat over the weekend thanks to your wonderful Company, we shall definitely be ordering again and often.”
Suzanna Ferguson, July 2009

“I would just like to tell you how absolutely delighted we were - we held a dinner party... everyone asked where we bought the meat - it was absolutely gorgeous, just downright absolutely gorgeous.”
Sheelagh Leigh-Ewers, June 2009

“We can safely say you have converted us and we are looking forward to our next box! Not only were we pleased with the variety of cuts and meat, but also your clear passion in what you do as a company.”
Catherine Twidle, June 2009

“I hope you guys know that the meat you supply is just fantastic. Supermarket meat is now completely ruined for all of us. It just has no flavour at all, once a person has experienced Well Hung Meat!!! Keep up the great work!”
Zoe Campbell, June 2009

“...the chicken I had... was quite possibly the best tasting chicken I’ve ever had! It was succulent and flavoursome!”
Chris Yeung, June 2009

“The meat was so tasty, sweet and absolutely melted in your mouth... Delicious!”
Melanie Richardson, May 2009

“Many thanks for all your help... and for the consistently great meat - my family really enjoy their meat, but only the good stuff!”
Angela Smith, April 2009

“The lamb was absolutely fantastic and the chuck steak was to die for.”
Margaret Bray, March 2009

“...your beef fillet steak... was delicious and divinely tender. I’ve not known this cut to have so much flavour as yours has... Our lunchtime visitor, after eating the steak, declared: ‘That is the best meat I have eaten in my entire life’.”
" Gerry Dunlop, March 2009

“...we have loved our boxes and your meat is truly outstanding, especially the lamb.”
Natalie Collins, March 2009

Happy testimonial

“Just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely delighted with the Well Thrifty Box you sent to us a couple of weeks ago... I did not think that I would have been able to produce as many meals as I have from looking at the contents of the box.”
Kirsty Taylor, February 2009

“...just wanted to let you know that we received our order from you in perfect condition and at the time you specified. We’ve enjoyed four delicious dinners from our selection and look forward to ordering from you again in the future.”
Hogen Rormark, January 2009

“Happy New Year! The turkey we ordered arrived on time, cooked and ate extremely well. Thank you!”
Jeremy Sharman, Christmas 2008

“...we had one leg of lamb from our local butcher and I have to say after a month of your meat we were even more impressed that Well Hung is sending us great meat - there was no comparison.”
Sarah Nebens, January 2009

“I bought one of your turkeys for Christmas Day... and I just wanted to say that it was absolutely delicious - probably the best turkey I’ve ever had... I’ve always thought that turkey was a boring, bland meat but I’ve changed my mind.”
Polly Fox, Christmas 2008

“I served up your turkey and beef for Christmas lunch... none of us have tasted a proper tasting turkey for years - so thank you very much. The ham we had for tea was really excellent too... delicious flavourful and succulent meat.”
Charlotte Westlake, Christmas 2008

Happy testimonial

“Just a short note to say how much we all enjoyed the meat supplied to us this Christmas. The turkey and ham in particular were full of flavour. We would certainly recommend you to others.”
Valerie Singleton, Christmas 2008

“I would like to say how much we enjoyed the Christmas box, especially the beef which I slowcooked as per the recipe enclosed in the box. I have never done anything like that before, and it was so successful. Thank you.”
Angela Shury-Smith, Christmas 2008

“Just to say that we were delighted with the meat. Both the fillet steak and the sirloin on the bone have been absolutely superb, flavour and texture as we remember it used to be when all meat came from good breeds reared properly and then well hung and well butchered...”
Philippa Coates, Christmas 2008

“...the turkey was the best any us had tasted. I usually have turkey left for curries and more but it all went, they loved it.”
Kathryn Nash, Christmas 2008

“...our turkey was fantastic! Fab flavour, tender, moist, the best we’ve ever had.”
Jacqui Stevens, Christmas 2008

“...the rib joint has been absolutely divine and we will certainly be ordering from you again in the future. There have been lots of contented little ‘mmms’ in our house this week!”
Su Lacy, December 2008

Happy testimonial

“Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality and with you guys - you are excellent!”
Julie Shaughnessy, November 2008

“...just a word about the great pleasure we have with the meat we receive. It takes me back many years to how meat should really taste. (My uncle was a butcher who bred his own; and this was in the 1940s, mostly before the mass productions!) You come well up to those standards in every way.”
Dr David Bosworth, November 2008

“Wow! What a superb chicken, not an ounce of fat, crispy skin, juicy, tender and a lovely flavour... we’ll be ordering from you again! Congratulations on running a fantastic organic farm business, an easy to browse, clear and concise website and thank you for also running the box return scheme... Top banana!!!!”
Rich Frith, January 2008