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Taste of the West Gold Award 2013
Taste of the West Silver Award 2013
Taste of the West Silver 2012
Great Taste Awards
Soil Association 2010
SA Natural and Organic Awards 2010
Taste west award 2009 bronze
Organic food awards Winner 2009
Organic food awards Commended 2009
Great taste gold 2009
Taste west award 2008 silver
Taste west award 2008 bronze
Taste west award 2007 gold
Taste west award 2007 silver
Taste west award 2007 bronze
Organic Industry Award 2006
Organic food awards Gold 2006
Organic food awards Wiiner
Organic food awards Commended 2004
Organic food awards Wiiner 2001
Soil association organic standard
We are an award winning organic butcher and Food and Drink Devon member

Why buy your meat from us?

We're glad you asked.

The short answer is – because you want the most convenient way to enjoy great meat. When we say great meat, we mean it’s tasty, organic and produced to the highest standards of animal welfare.

There are plenty of places you can go that sell meat as part of a wider offering; we only sell meat and pride ourselves on being the best online butcher.

Now for the slightly longer answer...

You'll always have meat when you need it

Wherever you are in the UK, we’ll deliver to you for the flat fee of £8. Order online or by phone, and your meat arrives chilled and ready to cook or freeze, in quantities that suit you and your family. And if you order a monthly box, you’ll never have to worry about having enough meat to eat – we take care of that for you.  Orders received after 12pm on Monday will not be delivered until the following week.  

Supper in the den

Click here for more information on our convenient home delivery service.

It's brilliant meat in every way

We only sell organic meat from farms where we know they do things right. Our animals live outside, eating grass – this is hugely important for us. As far as we’re concerned the quality of an animal's life has a direct effect upon the quality of the meat they give us. Ours enjoy the fresh air and fodder of some of the best pastureland in Britain. So they’re happier, their meat is sweeter, and the environment benefits too.

Pig farmer

And when we prepare the meat, we know how to get the best flavour. We hang it in our butchery for the time it needs to make it tender, and to ‘taste like meat used to’. That’s one week for lamb and pork and three weeks for beef. Then we butcher our meat by hand, using traditional skills and tools, producing a variety of interesting and useful cuts. You can tell the quality just by looking at them.

You get good value for money

As you’ll have gathered by now, we don’t do things on the cheap, but we do make sure you get fantastic meat, affordably. Have a look at the shop section, and you’ll see how reasonable our prices are. And with a monthly box, you’ll get a healthy discount too. Plus, you should not need to buy any extra meat during the month, so you keep control of your budget.

Monthly organic meat box

You get a huge amount of choice

Beef, veal, pork, lamb, venison and poultry, in a wide range of cuts and sizes. If a recipe demands a rib joint boned and rolled, we’ve got it. And if the kids want burgers, we do those too (beef, lamb and gourmet). Order in any quantity or combination you like, or make sure you’re always stocked up by having a special box or monthly box. The 'shop' section shows just how much choice you have - and if you want to give us a call or drop us a mail we’ll suggest an order to suit your lifestyle and tastes.

We guarantee you’ll be happy. If, by any chance, you’re not completely satisfied with our meat, we’ll replace it or give you your money back. That’s our simple guarantee. We are only as good as our last steak...

It’s packed with care

Having our meat delivered to your door is obviously different from buying it at the shops. It’s much more convenient for one thing – but you may be concerned about the travelling it has to do.

Well, there’s no need to worry, for two reasons. First, the meat in the shops has probably travelled a very long way before it lands on the shelf – especially in supermarkets, whereas the meat you buy from us comes straight from our butchery to you, so it’s probably had a much shorter journey.

Our butchers

Second, we vacuum pack our meat to seal it, and send it to you in insulated boxes containing ice packs. So it stays chilled in transit, and for quite a while longer. In fact, we’ve tested our boxes in the heat of summer, and the meat inside stays at fridge temperature for 48 hours.

We’re still using polystyrene boxes, as they’re the best for keeping things chilled. But we’re working very hard to find a more sustainable alternative (as some of our customers who helped us test the cardboard box recently will know). We're very close to resolving this and when we do we'll have a big 'goodbye polystyrene' party.

Because it’s fresh...

...your meat arrives well chilled and NOT frozen. You can then decide what to do with it. It’s fine in the fridge for a good few days – up to a week for most cuts, but slightly less for chicken and sausages. If you want to keep it for longer, pop it in the freezer and it’ll keep there for up to six months. (When it thaws out, it’s as good as it was before you froze it, so freezing is an excellent way to store your meat.)

Organic Meat Awards

We don’t mean to brag but...

...nobody has won as many awards as us. We had early back to back wins at the Soil Association Organic Food Awards and that success has continued. We’ve won loads more prizes there since and in lots of other competitions, like the Great Taste Awards, the Taste of the West Awards, and the Devon Life Food and Drink Awards. You may wonder why we’re so proud of these. It’s simply because they’re not easy at all to win. The judges really know their meat, and only give out gongs to the seriously good stuff. If we could drop in just one more nice accolade; when Rick Stein was choosing his Food Heroes for his BBC series, he made us one of them. Now that was a big thrill for us, and it’s been followed by heaps of recommendations from well-known chefs and food writers. If our meat’s good enough for them, we hope you’ll want to find out whether it’s good enough for you.

We believe we are the best and are glad others agree.

Click here to see our full trophy cabinet.