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Cook the perfect Valentine's steak

Organic beef steak recipes


That's how we like it. How about you?

Whether your steak hardly touches the pan, you like a hint of pink or a consistent cook throughout, we've got the know how...


Before you start...
Put in the ground work to get it right

1. Take your steak out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before you cook to rest it.

2. Use a clean cloth or paper to pat the steaks dry. This helps it to form a golden crust when it cooks rather than steaming the outside of the meat.

3. Season with salt either just before cooking or halfway through. Salt is important for flavour and that all important crust, but seasoning too far in advance can cause juices to escape the meat!

4. Use a heavy based frying pan or griddle and fry in butter for the best caramelisation.



The cook…

It's all in the timing...

Total time per side...

Rare 1 - 2 mins
Medium-rare  3 mins
Medium  4 mins
Well cooked  5 mins

*Adjust appropriately for smaller or thicker steaks.



Handy tip

Your hand is not dissimilar to a steak. Bear with us...

Touch your thumb and your index fingers together and press the fleshy part of your palm below your thumb. This is how a rare steak should feel.
Touch your thumb to your middle finger (medium-rare), ring finger (medium) and little finger (well done).

See? Handy.


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