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Let's talk beef.

Organic, Grass-Fed Beef for home delivery

Our beef is pasture fed, the way we believe it should be. Our cows spend these summer months grazing our organic fields, and in the winter they’re in our large, airy barns with the hay, haylage and silage we’ve collected and dried for them throughout the year. The digestive system of a cow is designed for pasture - grass, clovers and other leafy matter. When they eat this, they look and feel better, and produce less methane due to a healthy digestive system than when they are fed a concentrated cereal and soya diet. They also grow at a slower, more natural pace. It means the meat and fat is healthier for us humans to eat too, containing higher concentrations of omega 3 and polyunsaturated fats and lower concentrations of saturated fats.

But enough of that talk, let’s get down to what you really want to hear about... Our hand-butchered beef!

There’s a reason why our fillet is many people’s favourite steak. It’s melt-in-the-mouth tender and filled with a rich, buttery flavour. Whether you fancy juicy steaks after a speedy flash fry, or a whole fillet smothered in pâté wrapped with puff pastry for the beef wellington of your dreams, our organic beef fillet is a reliable delight. 

Rump is considered to be one of the most flavourful cuts of beef. As its name might suggest, it comes from the hindquarter of our magnificent traditional breed cattle. Each of our steaks is hand cut and trimmed, with just the right amount of fat for a juicy, succulent steak. Get sizzling, go the whole hog (cow) and make your own onion rings, griddle those tomatoes, roast those potato wedges and make that mouth-watering cream sauce. Buy our rump steaks here!

What do lasagne, chilli con carne and homemade burgers have in common? The answer is of course our organic, grass fed beef mince… and it’s currently on offer at 20% off! Perfect for a speedy evening meal or a well-planned weekend feast, our beef steak mince is super versatile (and rather scrumptious). Take a look here!

So have a browse of our proudly presented beef range here and get cooking!

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