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New Year, new you?

Welcome to 2016! To celebrate the new year, and the launch of our Healthy Start Box, we’ve asked our friend and customer, Jo Romero (the brains behind our Healthy Start Box recipes), to write a guest blog about what eating healthily means to her…

“If you’re starting the new year trying to eat more healthily, it makes sense to limit sugary treats, increase your intake of vegetables and choose the right kinds of meat. Out go processed meats full of salt, sugar and preservatives and in come traditional organic cuts from grass-fed animals. Grass-fed meats are increasing in popularity and there’s evidence that they’re better for us too, keeping our balance of healthy fats in check, reducing inflammation and packing more antioxidants than grain-fed meats. This is especially important for anyone going into the new year on a healing diet like the paleo or primal diets, or the autoimmune protocol (AIP), as you’re trying to keep your food as natural and nutrient dense as possible.

I was asked to create some recipes for Well Hung Meat Co to go alongside their new Healthy Start meat box. All the recipes, to me, are nourishing, healthy comfort food. They’re gluten-free and don’t contain refined sugars. Many of the recipes are paleo and autoimmune protocol compliant, too, proving that you can still enjoy comforting food on a more restricted diet.

What I really love about the meat box is that it’s full of often under-used cuts of meat like short rib, stewing lamb and beef brisket, which all give so much richness and flavour to your dishes. Beef brisket is perfect cooked until it’s meltingly tender and falling apart and then served with a zesty citrus guacamole, beans and crunchy fresh lettuce. And the short rib made the best bolognese I’ve ever had, served on a pile of cooked vegetable noodles. Perfect. And don’t forget those beef bones to make a bolstering broth you can use in stews, soups or just drink as it is - flavoured with thyme and vitamin C-rich lemon.

I’m proud to share these recipes with you, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.”

Jo's blog can be found at

Find out more about the Healthy Start Meat Box here.

1. Reference on grass-fed meats vs grain-fed:

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