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Overshoot Day

Thomas Bourne

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I am passionate about doing business in the right way and at The Well Hung Meat Company that means putting equal emphasis on our planet, our people and our product.

Because the team and I feel so strongly about this, we have recently done a big piece of work (involving everyone in the business) identifying and clarifying our Core Values, and we’ll be sharing those with you shortly so you can really understand what we at Well Hung Meat stand for.

Every member of the team had a slightly different take, but what really gets me fired up is the planet theme, particularly the idea that we are just stewards of the land we inhabit…and we’re not doing a particularly good job of it!

So when I came across an article by Dr Molly Scott Cato's (Green Party MEP) in today’s Western Morning News I felt an urge to share its content with you.

Dr Scott Cato flags the fact that Earth Overshoot Day (the day of the year on which our demand for the planet’s resources exceeds the earth’s ability to regenerate them in that year) is getting earlier and earlier each year.

The critical issue for me is that the earth's resources are unarguably finite - we are failing to live within our means and the question is not whether those resources will run out (or become commercially unviable to extract), but when.

Factor in an ever growing population and it’s hard not to see the outlook as bleak, which has historically led to an environmental movement focussed on self-flagellation (i.e. doing and using less in order to cause less harm). This is a philosophy that is unlikely to prove popular in the upwardly mobile developing world where there is, of course, an aspiration to enjoy the same living standards as those in developed economies.

What Dr Scott Cato goes on to say is that there is an alternative: by rethinking the way we design and interact with the things we rely on, not only can we make more of our resources, but we can replenish them to allow for growth and the fulfilment of aspirations. It is possible for us to enrich our planet, rather than just deplete it. The circular economy as a concept deserves our attention as the only viable way of achieving this.

Organic farming and food production needs to be part of that system because it works in harmony with the earth’s available resources rather than relying on those we can (currently) produce from extracted resources.

In the west, we as consumers and businesses have a responsibility to begin this thought process. After all, the industrial revolution started here - we led the way into this mess so we can and should lead the way out of it.

Do more, but do it better!

Best wishes


MD of the Well Hung Meat Company and Carswell Group Business Development Director

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