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Organic BBQ - Tips and tricks - Organic meat


Everyone has their own take on things when it comes to a BBQ; flames or embers, to marinade or not to marinade, covered or uncovered, they’re all decisions we have to make. We’re here to settle the score with our top tips for guaranteed juicy, lip smacking meats, and fresh sides on those summer evenings.


1 – Pick your meats wisely.

We may be biased but you cannot beat organic, especially when it is pasture fed for life. So, we’ve picked them for you - our new, shiny Luxury BBQ Meat Box contains a full variety of organic meats - a couple of low and slow cookers, sweet chilli pork belly strips, classic beef burgers, minute steaks, sausages, lamb kofta and chicken drumsticks (which are cluckin’ great). You’ve got a full range to get stuck into, which will please any guest.


2 – Don’t neglect it.

Timing is everything. We all know no one likes a burnt sausage. You’re now committed to caring for each piece of meat that you place upon the flames so be sure to flip it enough to avoid too much char, but not too much to halt the caramelization process. For a slow cook, wrap the meat (say, an organic herby butterflied lamb joint?) in plenty of foil to capture all those precious juices. Again, keep moving it around. Unlike an oven the heat is only coming from one direction. Roll it around, turn it upside down, keep it nice and even.


3 – Make sure you have enough sides.

We agree; organic meat and bread is a winning combo, but you need that spice in a salsa or crunch of a fresh salad to add that sparkle to your night. How about a bowl of zingy, homemade guacamole? Or mixed leaved tossed in balsamic and olive oil? And the cheese, let there always be cheese. Cheddar is an old reliable, but have you ever had mozzarella in a burger? Or halloumi hot off the embers? Don’t be scared to mix things up.


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