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Speedy suppers for sunny days.

Organic, Grass Fed Lamb Kofta


Summer is upon us and the mornings are light, the evenings are long, so who wants to spend their time cooking over a hot stove? Here are a few of our quick fix meals that will go down a treat.

Stir fry – Have you seen our brand new chilli and garlic beef stir fry strips? Or pork strips? These are perfect for tossing into a pan with hot oil, spices and vegetables of your choice. A healthy dish full of flavour and so much opportunity to play around with.

Dinner in a bap – It’s your choice, the classic beef steak burger, or a Cumberland sausage wheel? Either way, it belongs in a bap. With a crunchy salad and some tasty cheese, you can win anyone over with dinner in a bap.

Lamb Kofta – Chuck them on the barbie, pop them in the oven or fry them in a pan, they’re not going to take long! Serve these tasty kofta with some homemade flatbreads, a yoghurt dip and a fresh salad and you are on to a speedy winner.

Kebabs – No, not the late night kind, the fresh and delicious, homemade kind! With our herby lamb pieces, you can go all out on flavour. Throw down a pitta (or flatbread), some crunchy salad, garlic mayo and a chilli on top and you’re all set.

Have a browse and see what you fancy cooking up this summer!


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2015 Taste of the West Award
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