Healthy Start Box

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Healthy Start Box

Healthy Start Box

Packed full of delicious, well balanced cuts of organic meat and exclusive recipes to help you kick start a happy and healthy new year.

Box Contents:

Whole organic chicken (1.2kg)
Organic chicken legs (pack of 2, ave 550g)
Organic chicken fillets (pack of 2, ave 450g)
Organic lambs liver (500g x 1)
Organic lamb scrag end (500g)
Organic beef stock bones (1kg)
Organic beef brisket joint (1.2kg)
Organic beef short rib (600g)
Organic beef bavette steak (440g)
Organic pork loin steak (pack of 2, ave 350g)
Organic pork dice (400g)


This product comes with an exclusive healthy recipe for each cut from our guest blogger, Jo Romero (!

All of our set boxes have been carefully balanced, therefore the contents cannot be altered.

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