Luxury BBQ Box

Recommended Additions

Tomahawk Steak (Cote de Boeuf)

The King of Steaks, and a finalist in the 2014 Soil Association Organic Awards, this single 650g bone-in Rib Eye steak is not for the faint of heart....

Beef Rump Steak

A juicy, succulent boneless steak, cut from the rump. Grill, fry, stir-fry or roast it.

£8.91 - £11.88
Beef Brisket Joint, Flat

A boneless flat joint from the shoulder, off the breast. Slow roast or BBQ.

£12.00 - £24.00

Luxury BBQ Box

Luxury BBQ Box

This is the perfect box for a gathering with some seriously good premium cuts for something special. Ask some friends, mix some Pimms and settle in for an all-day party. This box will feed around 8-10.

Organic Grass Fed Beef Minute Steaks (500g)
Organic Herby Butterfly Lamb Shoulder (1.2kg)
Organic Sweet Chilli Pork Belly Strips (500g)
Organic Grass Fed Beef Burgers (460g)
Organic Pork Sausages (400g)
Organic Lamb Kofta (400g)
Organic Chicken Drumsticks (400g)

This is a one off box and will not be set to repeat.

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2015 Taste of the West Award
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