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Clean and healthy organic meatboxes

Discover the benefits of eating dry aged, organic, grass-fed meat and how our tailored meat boxes can support your healthy lifestyle.

When you eat organic, you know what you're getting: no other system of farming bans the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides or routine antibiotics.

If you're looking after yourself in 2016, whether on a specialised diet or just looking to eat clean, we have just the thing for you.

We've even teamed up with guest blogger, Jo Romero, to bring you a selection of really fresh and exciting healthy recipes - click here.  

Organic, Grass-fed, Dry aged.

Our animals are organic and live outside, eating grass- this is hugely important to us and ensures our meat is free from nasties like pesticides,antibiotics and artificial growth hormones.

Grass feeding gives our meat gives high levels of Omega 3 and CLA acids,meaning the meat is recommended for those following a Paleo or autoimmune protocol diet.

Dry aged meat can benefit your health in many ways. Humans have short digestive tracts; through dry ageing we wait for the enzymes in our meat to break down amino acid chains, meaning the flesh is more tender, more flavoursome, and easier to digest.

Meat that is not dry-hung as part of the butchery process often contains little good bacteria beneficial to our digestive tract. Our organic meat does not contain any additional 'nasties', just wholesome meat as it used to be.Well Hung dry aged meat promotes the development of good bacteria, which acts like a probiotic.

Healthy Start Box
Healthy Start Box

Packed full of delicious, well balanced cuts of organic meat and exclusive recipes to help you kick start a happy and healthy new year.


Paleo Grass Roots Box

The essential meatbox for those wanting a taste of the Paleo diet or those simply wanting to eat more healthily.

Organic, award winning meat packed...

Protein Power Nutrition

Support your healthy lifestyle with our grass fed organic meat providing the proteins and healthy bacteria essential for better digestion.


Super Size Cross Fit Box

This selection box of grass fed organic meat provides a popular protein boost for those on a healthy lifestyle.

Organic, award winning meat packed...

Organic Chicken Carcass

A fresh chicken carcass, ready for boiling with vegetables to make rich, tasty stocks, broths and soups.

Approx 2 carcasses per pack.

This item...

Beef Stock Bones

Rib bones for making a rich beef stock. Boil them up with vegetables, and you have the perfect base for gravies, stews and soups.

Lamb Liver

Soft-textured and delicate in flavour, this liver can be floured and fried with onions. Or try casseroling it in a rich gravy.

Soil Association
2015 Taste of the West Award
Food and Drink Devon
Great Taste

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