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At the core of all we do is a passionate team of organic farmers and butchers who really care about bringing you the best quality meat…

Born and bred in Devon

We started life at Carswell Farm, on the idyllic South Devon coast where our founder, Geoff Sayers, simply sold his lovingly reared organic lamb to friends and family.

In 2001, Geoff entered the Soil Association Organic Food Awards, and his lamb won the blind tasting competition. He repeated this success in 2002 and demand snowballed after that.

Today, we remain close to Carswell and some of our beef is still reared on the cliffs there, looking out into the blue waters of the English Channel. The rest comes from our small network of organic Devon farmers with whom we have a great relationship, sharing the same values.

Our farmers work to strict organic standards and are inspected and approved every year by the Soil Association. Their animal welfare standards are some of the highest in the world, and they require beef and lamb to be predominantly pasture fed.

For more about what our animals eat, see our FAQs…

How do we do it?

Our aim is to deliver organic meat like no other because we think you deserve it. This means:

  • choosing the right breeds from local organic farmers we know well, pay a fair price to and have worked with for years
  • having the animals humanely despatched at a family abattoir very close to us so we reduce travelling distance and stress for the animals - not only is this kinder, it is also a key factor in the flavour of the meat
  • dry-aging the meat the old-fashioned way on the bone for at least 21 days in the case of beef.This enhances flavour and improves texture - something that you just won’t get from many places
  • butchering by hand to order before delivering to your door

The Well Hung Meat Co. team

At Well Hung Meat Co. HQ, we have a small, but really passionate, team.

Key to what we do is Head Butcher Ben’s team of skilled old-fashioned butchers, who are obsessive about detail and providing the best possible meat for our customers. Unlike a lot of butchers these days, our butchers have learnt their trade through years of experience and know how to break down and prepare any carcass from nose to tail. This is important to us so our finished product is of the highest quality possible and means we can also bring you some of the more interesting cuts.

In the office, our sales, customer service and admin team are all keen foodies who are constantly experimenting with new (and lost) cuts. We love what we do and are always keen to chat to our customers about what they’re doing with our meat.

Soil Association
2015 Taste of the West Award
Food and Drink Devon
Great Taste

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