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At the Well Hung Meat Company, we’re passionate about what we do - we want to be the best and live by our values.

Our Mission Statement

The Well Hung Meat Company aspires to be the UK's leading provider of exceptional quality, locally-sourced meat products. Driven by our aspirations and core values (see below), we are passionate about healthy food produced in an ethical and sensitive way that enriches our planet and its inhabitants. 

We take time to listen to our customers, invest in our people through training and career development and foster long-term trusting relationships with our suppliers. Our people are proud of our heritage, values and products and love working for us resulting in fantastic quality, delighted customers and motivated staff. 

Our Core Values - People, Planet and Perfection


Teamwork - the Well Hung Meat Company is a positive, supportive place to work where everyone feels respected, trusted and united

Communication - we talk to each other openly, honestly and regularly so that important information is shared and listened to

Opportunity - all our people feel valued, nurtured and encouraged to develop


Enrichment - the planet’s resources are finite – we aim to give back more than we take out

Organic - we believe in organic as the best system to enrich the health of the planet and its inhabitants

Advocacy - we speak passionately about the importance of the planet and the benefits of organic


Integrity - we are open and honest in our work – we never cut corners or knowingly mislead

Passion - our customers are our advocates – we delight them in all our dealings and exceed their expectations

Excellence - by focussing on reducing waste, improving profitability, exceeding industry standards (e.g. food safety) and, above all, the taste and quality of our product, we are the best in our market 

Why buy organic?

Organic is the only system of farming that ensures fewer pesticides and bans the routine use of antibiotics. By choosing organic, you can be confident that your meat was produced as nature intended and can guarantee what you’re eating.

We believe in the many health benefits that eating organic meat provides to our customers, many of whom buy from us because they are on specialised diets, have compromised immune systems or simply want to be sure they are eating “clean”.

As a business, we firmly believe that organic farming, particularly eliminating reliance on synthetic fertilisers, is the only way to provide sustainable food for future generations.

When you buy organic you’re getting what you pay for and most of our customers prefer to eat meat a little less often, but make it the best when they do.

We think that you’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger range of properly dry-aged organic meat.

Soil Association
2015 Taste of the West Award
Food and Drink Devon
Great Taste

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